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a collection of 3 songs that were written and recorded in the winter of 2014.

none of them are about me.

spring is here.


released April 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Anywaves Michigan

gr/lansing bedroom pop project

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Track Name: Y(e)arn [demo]
I'm the yellow starburst you set aside for someone else to eat /
I'm the snow that waits to melt
dirty and stained like your sheets /
I'm track 3 on the mix cd I gave you last year
that never left your car/

I'm trying to be better/
But my insides are flawed/
Unravel me, tear out my guts/
Because I want it so bad/

My parents always told me I had so much potential/
I didn't think Id waste it to spend weeks on the floor/
I've got closet full of shirt for colleges I won't attend/
I've got picture frames filled with the photos that they came with /

I'm trying to be better/
But my insides are flawed/
Unravel me, tear out my guts/
Because I want it so bad/

Sew me up the middle
Stitch by stitch/
Make me better than I was
Do you think Ill be remembered/
For anything thing other/
Than being around?
Track Name: What Will Become Of Our Monuments
i printed out
the last text message
you ever sent me

i hung it up
on our wall
next to the picture
of us at Disney

"i hope she was worth it"

she wasn't.
Track Name: Snow (Dirt)
the wind is so cold / and you're not here to warm me up
first christmas alone / but it won't be the last
didn't bother to decorate / you're the one who cared about all that
no gifts under the tree / i didn't bother to wrap
went out to get the mail / not a christmas card in sight
just coupons and credit cards / cable bills and magazines

i wanna tear down the lights and the whole tree /
hope you threw away anything that reminds you of me /
thank god i've been so awful this year /
i need some coal cause the fire's dying down

got a call from my mother / said she wished i was home
baked me some cookies / and my presents on it's way
she asked me about us / said we were doing just fine
couldn't stand to tell her / i fucked up another time

merry christmas / i'm sorry for what i did
and i know i say it a lot / but i promise it won't happen again
i don't except your forgiveness / i just wanted you to know
that i finally understand that / i'm just dirt and your are snow